Agricultural:  This is where Pankoke Construction got its start.  We offer solutions with experience that work for our customer and their individual needs to get the job done right.  Our services included but are not limited to

  • Agricultural Development

  • Tree Removal

  • Dry / Silt dams

  • Terraces and Basins

  • Building / Bin Pads and Sit Development

  • Ponds and Wastewater Lagoons

  • Waterways and drainage ditches

  • Aggregate Hauling

  • Heavy Hauling

Rolloff Services:  Pankoke Construction now offers Rolloff dumpsters for a wide variety of clients.  We also offer full service.  If you need demolition of any type done we do the entire job or if you need help with the clean-up and filling the rolloff dumpster 

  • Construction debri (lumber, roofing material, drywall and more)

  • Demolition and teardowns of all types

  • Construction site waste removal (commercial and residential)

  • Abandon houses and buildings

  • Fire, water and smoke damage

  • Disaster relief

  • Concrete removal

  • Flatbed and towing service